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Registered Office Address


Registered Office Address Service


For Hong Kong Company Formation and Ongoing Compliance



The Registered Office Address is the ongoing compliance of incorporation and business registration in Hong Kong. Every Hong Kong limited company must provide a local postal address (except PO box) for the Companies Registry on company registration and maintain the address after incorporation.


Hong Kong Registered Office Address Service

Suitable for every Hong Kong private limited company

Address Sharing

  • We share our office address as your the registered office address of your Hong Kong company for 1 year.

Letter Forwarding

  • We keep only the government letters of your company.
  • We forward all the letters to your dedicated address quarterly for 1 year.
  • Delivery of letter is person or company that receives packages will pay delivery fees at the time the packages are received.

* The service fee is only applicable to our existing clients


Our Capacity

Fly High shares our address for your Hong Kong limited company for:

  • Compliance of company incorporation
  • Ongoing compliance of your company
  • Your local mailbox to collect Hong Kong government letters with letter forwarding



Registered Office Address service is not a standalone item, you are required to join our:


Letters forwarding

Inline with our HK company formation service:

  • We forward your letter to your designated address quarterly.
  • We deduce the delivery charge incurred from your letter-delivery expense account.


Correspondence Address

We handle your letters from Hong Kong government only. If you need us to handle letters from other senders and/or you want to use this address as your company’s correspondence address with other parties, you should join our Hong Kong Virtual Office Service additionally.

Why Registered Office Address?

Compliance of Hong Kong Registered Office Address

For Hong Kong company owner, the address serves as the sole communication address between your company and Hong Kong government, as well as the public record of your company. Hong Kong government needs to send letters of demand and notice to your company by post, while any parties may contact your company via the address.

Concerns of setting up and office in Hong Kong

Cose: Setup of a phyiscal presence in Hong Kong is costly, especially you are carrying on offshore business in Hong Kong.


Privacy: The address is exposed to the public, it is not secure to provide your persional address for your company.