4-in-1 HK Accounting & Tax

As a reliable and professional corporate services provider, Fly High is highly specialized in providing accounting and taxation services in Hong Kong. We focus on comprehensive problem-solving approach to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) which are doing either local or international business, to comply with their obligations of corporate accountingannual audit arrangementtax returns filing, and even cross-border tax planning. Our one-stop package also includes consultation on your financial and taxation matters based on our thorough understanding of our client’s business operations and financial transactions.



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Annual Corporate Accounting


One-off preparation of accounting books and statements in your companys accounting year

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Statutory Audit Arrangement


Preparation of audited financial statements, auditor’s report and tax computation by a practising HKCPA



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Tax Representative Service


Filing of Profits Tax return of your company's behalf

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Finance and Tax Consultation


Advisory opinion for improvement to your corporate finance and tax situation



Fly High networked practising HKCPA provide the statutory audit services; Fly High provides the other services as the contracted tax representatives and accountants on the clients’ behalf.

Fly High is the primary point of contact bridging the clients and the HKCPA. In case that a client requires consultation service by the HKCPA, this service subjects to separate quotation.




Standard Workflow

Free Initial Consultation
You can receive a FREE initial consultation, we will offer as much advice as we can. The meeting in either face-to-face or other electronic means are welcome. The meeting is obligation free. If you already have an accountant, the changeover is very simple and we take care of it for you. Please either contact us directly or complete and submit the form below.


Quotation and Payment
You’ll receive a competitive quote after the meeting for your consideration. The quoted items and their pricing are calculated based on your supplied information, particularly the turnover and the number of transactions, and our capacity, particularly the availability of the HKCPA and the accountants, the estimated time spent, and the level of skill and responsibility involved.

If you accept the quotation, you can proceed to payment. We will begin our services after we have received the full payment.


Financial Documents Collection
In the simplest sense, financial documents are the documents record of expenditure and income of your company through the accounting period, these include, but not limited to, the staff payroll record, the staff MPF contribution records, the bank account statements, purchase invoices/receipts, sales invoices/receipts, the record of expense and income of cash and cheque.

In addition, we have to view the tax computations, accounting books and audit reports in previous tax years.


Accounting Reports Creation
Our accountants will, firstly, organize and file the financial documents supplied, then prepare accounting books including General Ledger, Account Payables and Account Receivables, finally prepare financial statements including Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss (P&L) Statement.

During the creation of these books and statements, our accountants will request supplementary documents from your company, in order to fulfil the requirement of the HKCPA.


"Audit Report" Creation
Our assigned HKCPA, as your auditor, will analyse the financial statements and the accounting books produced by the accountants, and express and sign an opinion in the auditor’s report on whether the financial statements give a true and fair view in accordance with the financial reporting framework adopted in the preparation and presentation of these documents. Collectively, the deliverable of the auditor is called “audit report”.

During the auditing process, the auditor will raise questions to the accountants to clarify any unclear materials; if the problem is not settled, the accountants and the auditor will contact and query your company for further information of your business operations and explanations.


Tax Computation
The auditor with the help of our accountants will prepare an estimated computation of your company’s Profits Tax of the period. This tax computation is a document required by the filing of Profits Tax return.


Tax Return Filing & Submission
FLY HIGH will act as your company’s tax representative. We will file the Profits Tax return on your company’s behalf, and ensure the return and the supplementary documents are in place and their format is in compliance with the regulations of the IRD. We will submit the completed return to the IRD.


Reply of IRD Queries
After the submission of the tax return, in case your company receives any queries from the IRD, we will assist your company to answer the queries based on the additional information supplied by your company.


Tax and Finance Consultation
Once we have a thorough understanding of your business operation and your financial situation, we can advise on these matters to improve your tax and finance position e.g. save tax, increase cash flow.


We will do as much as we can to ensure we can deliver the accounting books, financial statements, audit report, and tax return on time. To achieve so, we work hard to follow the schedule of accounting and auditing tasks, and we also need you to provide accurate and complete financial information and documents for our accountants and our assigned HKCPA as soon as possible.

If we foresee that we cannot submit the Profits Tax Return by the deadline, we will apply for an extension on reasonable grounds once after the quotation is accepted.


You Can Ask Us Anytime

What is Corporate Accounting

Corporate Accounting is one of the obligations of every Hong Kong limited company. It requires the company to keeping records of financial transactions and preparing the financial statements of the company for up to 7 years.

What is Statutory Audit

Statutory audit is an obligation of every Hong Kong limited company to hire an independent Hong Kong Certified Public Accountant with Practising Certificate to analyse if the financial information and accounting materials can give a true and fair view based on the financial reporting standards adopted.

When will a Hong Kong company receive the Profits Tax return?

The IRD sends out the Profits Tax return by post to the Hong Kong company on the first week of April every year. For a newly registered company, the IRD will send out the first Profits Tax return in some 18 months after the date of incorporation.